Tofino Hot Springs

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Jamie’s Whaling Station

Since 1982. Whale watching on cruisers or zodiacs, bear watching, sea lion tours, guaranteed sightings! Hot Springs Cove, kayaking, Meares Island, scenic flights. Tofino and Ucluelet. 800-667-9913

Adventure Tofino Wildlife Tours

Join us on our whale, bear and hot springs tours. All our tours are guided by the owner Jens and in small groups for a unique experience! Tours in English & German. Tofino. 250-725-2895

Tofino Whale Centre

John Forde’s Tofino Whale Centre offers whale watching, bear watching, bird watching and hot springs tours. Wildlife rescues. Amazing adventures. Local guides. Tofino. 888-474-2288

Atleo Air Charters

Tofino’s only locally owned and operated airline: scenic flights, hot springs, whale, bear watching, remote camping, surfing, fishing, custom tours. Friendly and professional. Tofino. 250-725-2205

Tofino Hot Springs

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The Tofino Hot Springs Tour is a day trip by boat, or air to Hot Springs Cove. Or a multi-day kayak adventure.

You’ll disembark at the dock and walk to the Hot Springs along a boardwalk through beautiful West Coast Rainforest.

The Hot Springs are in a natural rocky setting where you may soak surrounded by ocean, forest and sky.

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