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Ucluelet Wild Pacific, West Coast Canada, Welcome to the Edge of Canada
Broken Group Islands, Ucluelet Wild Pacific British Columbia, Canada

Ucluelet Broken Group Islands

West Coast Broken Group Islands

Cruise around these scenic islands just offshore from Ucluelet.

The Broken Group Islands are an Archipelago are part of the Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Over 100 islands and reefs are home to a magnificent variety of wildlife including aquatic birds, fish, marine life, eagles, black bears, mink, otters seals, sea lions, deer, and whales during their migration trips. Cruising through the Broken Group Islands offers a spectacular view of the remote wildness of west coast islands: white sandy beaches intact old-growth forests, rocky headlands, crashing waves and clean, clear ocean waters. All this after just offshore from the village of Ucluelet, a half an hour scenic boat tour from the harbour.

These Broken Group Islands were photographed by Archipelago Wildlife Cruises on one of their wildlife boat tours.

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Both kayakers planning multi-day excursions and yacht day trippers can enjoy leisurely crusing through the wilderness west coast beauty of this pristine environment offering a unique west coast experience. Sheltered coves, calm waters, fresh air, ancient forests, trails, and sandy beaches.
This is the spectacular archipelago of the Broken Group Islands, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome to the Broken Group Islands on the West Coast in Ucluelet BC, Canada

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